Celebrity chef cooks a tasty victory

|     Izah Azahari     |

MALAYSIAN celebrity and Culinary Director of Li Gong Restaurant, managed by Yi Yuan Ting, Chef Sun, recently led the Brunei delegation to win three awards at the 2018 Philippines World Famous Chefs Competition in Manila.

Chef Ng Weng Kok and Chef Kooy Chee Lung, also from Li Gong Restaurant, were also members of the delegation.

The international competition, sponsored by the Chinese International Gastronomers Association (CIGA) was participated by over 100 contestants from Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Italy and Hong Kong.

The competition was divided into several categories including Chinese/Western style hot/cold dishes, Baking and Pastry, and Vegetable Carving.

Chef Sun’s award-winning dishes comprised the ‘Dragon Dance’, a beetroot paste fried rice with crystal prawn combined platter that won the Golden Award; ‘Fantasy’, a golden thick soup served with stuffed fish maw topped with crystal crab meat ball; and ‘Gaze at Acacia’, a blue flower dumpling with black sesame golden dumpling combination, both dishes won the Special Golden Award or Gold with Distinction Award.

Chef Sun said it was a momentous and proud experience for the team as it was the first time they represented Yi Yuan Ting internationally. His team prepared for two months to practice and perfect the dishes.

Chef Sun said he plans to release the delectable award-winning dishes for a promotional menu for customers.

Chef Sun, Chef Ng Weng Kok and Chef Kooy Chee Lung pose with their awards. – RAHWANI ZAHARI