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Celebrating couture

AFP/AP – Designer Maria Grazia Chiuri wanted to show how the craft of the “petites mains” seamstresses was equally important as the art or fashion itself.

This muse was a springboard for a sumptuous and archetypally couture display.

A case in point were the teeming white beaded tapestry embroideries gracing a structured ecru wool twill coat. Here more than ornamental, the chic embroideries actually created the garment’s silhouette through sheer heaviness and swag.

Elsewhere, an ash grey crepe skirt with a high waist made a same statement: It seemed almost alive thanks to myriad long embroideries rustling and shaking on the pixie-like model.

Embroidered tights were also a big theme for spring, with Dior’s army of seamstresses having gone to work in embellishing several statement pieces.

In style terms, there were hints of the on-trend 60s, with features such as Peter Pan collars appearing on sensuous sheer organza blouses, or neat fitted Bar silhouette tuxedo suits with bold menswear black satin lapels.

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