Celebrating 110 years with new car

Lyna Mohammad

Alfa Romeo will soon reach an important milestone in its remarkable history with the achievement of 110 years in business, and to mark the anniversary, the car manufacturer will be presenting a vehicle that fully signifies a return to the brand’s origins.

Alfa Romeo’s engineers and designers have relentlessly pursued innovation during the manufacturer’s century-plus span, while always remaining true to the brand’s DNA – the perfect combination of sportiness and elegance – which has created not only some of the most iconic vehicles ever built, but also vehicles that are right at home both on the racetrack and in any beauty contest. In marking this anniversary, it pays tribute to one of the most emblematic vehicles of Alfa Romeo, the Giulia GTA.

The car, technically and conceptually, a street machine inspired by the Giulia GTA of 1965; the ‘Gran Turismo Alleggerita’.

Giving Alfa’s rebirth a flying start, the Giulia is a positive sign of good things to come.

Unlike some of its predecessors, it shouldn’t be dismissed as an oddball or irrational choice as it certainly has the substance to back up its style.


At first glance, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA looks like your typical Alfa Romeo Giulia, as it carries the same muscular appearance as its namesake, complete with the broad shoulders, tight body, and aggressive-looking front section but just as appearances can be deceiving, so too is the Giulia GTA.

Developed by Autodelta and based on the Giulia Sprint GT that racked up sporting successes worldwide, the all-new Giulia GTA is based on Giulia Quadrifoglio and is fitted with a more powerful version of the Alfa Romeo 2.9 V-6 Bi-Turbo engine, now with 540hp.

With its extensive use of ultra-light materials, GTA and GTAm benefit from a weight reduction.

It is 220lb lighter compared to the Giulia Quadrifoglio, achieving a best-in-class weight/power ratio of 6.2 lb/hp.

Alfa Romeo engineers have strived to improve aerodynamics and handling for the new Giulia GTA, but above all to reduce weight with the same guidelines followed for the 1965 Giulia GTA and the active aerodynamics were specifically studied to increase the downforce.

Thanks to the synergy with Sauber Engineering and the use of the SauberAerokit, these solutions contain technical know-how that comes directly from Formula 1, and the same task is assigned to the side skirts, the specific rear spoiler and the active front splitter.

Also a new is the integration of the titanium Akrapovic central exhaust system in the carbon fiber rear diffuser, along with the 20-inch centre lock wheels, appearing for the first time on a sedan. Handling at high speeds has been improved by widening the front and rear wheel tracks by 50mm and developing a new set of springs, shock absorbers and bushings for the suspension systems.

The aerodynamic front piece, on the GTAm has been optimised to an extreme level, made possible by adding a larger front splitter and a real carbon rear wing that ensures a perfectly balanced load at high speeds. Performance wise, the powerful 2.9 V6 Bi-Turbo is made entirely of aluminum and capable of unleashing no less than 505 hp in the standard configuration.

Thanks to the meticulous calibration work performed by Alfa Romeo engineers, the Giulia GTA reaches a power output of 540hp and the same team has also succeeded in optimising the implementation of the new Akrapovic specific exhaust system, with its unmistakable sound.

Stepping into the cabin, several new details stand out amongst all the trim in 100 per cent Alcantara® on the dashboard, door panels, glove compartment, side pillars and the central trim on the seats.

On the GTAm version, use of the Alcantara® is even more extensive, where the rear bench has been removed, leaving room for a fully upholstered “basin” and hosting specific moldings.

It is designed to hold helmets and fire extinguisher. The new matte carbon inserts endow the interior with a distinctive technical and aesthetic elegance while in the new GTAm, the interior is unique in that it features a roll bar, no door panels or rear seats and the door is opened with a belt in place of the handle, which marks another touch that comes from the racing world.

Featuring supermodel good looks, offering awesome driving position and sharp handling, the Giulia GTA is fun on the track and is also 100 per cent road legal and this latest GTA is the most powerful road car Alfa Romeo has produced so far, to be made in 500certified, numbered units only.

Alfa Romeo has begun collecting the declarations of interest on Giulia GTA and GTAmand lucky buyers will receive an exclusive customer experience, with one-to-one sales process and dedicated experience package.

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