Cats invade Senoko Power Station

THE STRAITS TIMES – About 30 stray cats have invaded the Senoko Power Station in Sembawang after neighbouring factories and warehouses shut amid COVID-19.

The influx of unsterilised cats at the protected site has raised concerns that it may lead to an increase in the feline population and fights with the sterilised cats currently calling the station home.

Senior Vice President and head of legal and compliance at Senoko Energy Cindy Lim said there were 10 resident cats at the power station, which employees – including herself – regularly feed.

“That’s likely why stray cats from the surrounding industrial area, such as the food processing factories, flocked to Senoko Power Station when those places closed – for food and shelter,” she told The Sunday Times (ST).

While the resident cats were sterilised by the Cat Welfare Society (CWS) about two years ago, the stray cats that flocked to the power station in late August are not neutered.

Seventeen cats – 12 kittens and five adult cats – were trapped in Senoko Power Station. PHOTO: THE STRAITS TIMES

Lim said, “I noticed a few pregnant cats among the new strays. This got me worried as, if left unchecked, cat numbers can easily double or triple in a few months.”

CEO and President of Senoko Energy Graeme York told ST that the company engaged a professional cat trapper who works with CWS. Seventeen cats – 12 kittens and five adult cats – were trapped on September 19.

“The adult cats were sterilised under CWS’ stray cat sterilisation programme and returned to the power station,”he said.

The kittens were placed in foster care and put up for adoption; Lim fostered two. Ten of the kittens have been adopted.