‘Catch A Nissan’ and win prizes

James Kon

Nissan Brunei is hosting a social media activity with an online game called Catch A Nissan, which was announced yesterday.

Nissan Brunei has been active with social media engagements through various events, promotions, online games and interactions with followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Due to the overwhelming feedback, Nissan Brunei continuously comes up with new games.

One of Nissan Brunei’s objectives is to create long-lasting relationships between the audience and the brand through social media engagement.

The game started yesterday and will end on October 18. Participants can visit the nearest Nissan showroom in Bandar Seri Begawan or Kuala Belait, or AutoMagination showroom in Lambak and pay a BND2 registration fee. Participants will then be given a registration code.

Participants can take a photo of any Nissan car in the Sultanate and post the photo on their Instagram account (the account needs to be set to public for Nissan Brunei to verify participation and postings). Participants will be given photo props and hashtags. The participant who posts the most Nissan car photos will win a BND10,000 cash voucher.

Winners will be announced on Nissan Brunei’s social media accounts.

The ‘Catch a Nissan’ registration booth. PHOTO: JAMES KON