Cat eats student’s graduation certificate

GULF NEWS – Move over dogs who eat homework, a cat in Malaysia achieved viral Twitter fame recently after chewing up his owner’s university degree. On December 21, Twitter user Afif Adlan bin Mohammad Hanafiah, who graduated with a degree in Finance, Accounting, and Management from the University of Nottingham in July, posted a photo of the degree certificate, which quickly went viral.

Shocked, @mamblonumber5 tweeted, “My cat… ate my degree. Of all the useless papers in my room, he ate my degree!”

He also shared a photo of the cheeky feline, who goes by the name of Mika.

Thousands of amused Twitter users liked the post, while many even shared similar stories of their pets who had destroyed important documents.

Twitter user @VicsLit from California said his dog chowed down on his degree certificate at a time when he needed it the most. “My dog ate (my certificate) the week before I had to leave to go to another country and submit it as proof to complete my registration for a graduate programme,” he wrote.

@VicsLit added, “(The certificate) was in a frame until I had to take it out to put in my suitcase… that’s the last time I go outside and leave Hercules alone with something valuable on the table.”

Combination photo shows the chewed up certificate and Mika. PHOTO: TWITTER/@MAMBLONUMBER5