Casey Batchelor saw a ghost dressed in a tennis kit

CASEY Batchelor feels as though she has a “sixth sense” and claimed that she once saw a spirit dressed in “old tennis clothes” while staying at an old manor house.

The 34-year-old television personality feels she has a “sixth sense” and claimed that once while staying in an old manor house, she saw a spirit dressed in “old tennis clothes” and the owner of the property assured her that this was a common occurrence.

She said, “I believe in ghosts and I’ve seen one before. It was at an old manor house and the apparition was dressed in old tennis clothes. The lady said that the people who previously owned it were tennis players and people had seen them before. I feel like I’ve got a sixth sense.”

The reality star went on to explain that she is a “spiritual person” and has every faith in psychics as one correctly predicted that she would be a Celebrity Big Brother contestant, as well as giving insight on “a few other things”.

Writing her My Life My Rules column for new! magazine, she added, “I’m a spiritual person and I love clairvoyants. One predicted that I was going into Celebrity Big Brother and then it happened. She also predicted a few other things that have happened.”

The former glamour model also revealed that her “greatest achievement” in life is both her nine-month-old child Florence, who she has with partner Dane Goodson and her Yoga app Blitz which she insists has been a “really amazing journey”.

She said, “My greatest achievement is having my nine-month-old daughter Florence; I’d also say my new Yoga app Blitz because it’s been a really amazing journey for me.” – BANG!