Careless loading of cargo containers sinks ship in Iran port

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) – Iranian state television said careless loading of cargo capsized a ship in the southern port of Bandar Abbas, sending port workers scrambling to retrieve any of the 153 containers that were suddenly submerged.

The report said an Indian seaman aboard the Comoros-owned LS Star was
injured in the foot in the incident on Monday.

Deputy Chief of Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organization Mehdi Haghshenas told the state television the ship was not being loaded properly and that there was “poor coordination between the ship’s first officer and the crane operator” lifting the containers on board.

He said the ship has a 14-member crew, all from India.

There were no further details and there was no immediate estimate of damages.

Photo provided by Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) shows a capsized cargo ship next to a dock in southern port of Bandar Abbas, Iran on Tuesday. – AP