Career guidance session tomorrow

HRD Services (HRDS) will organise a Career Dialogue session at The Empire Hotel & Country Club tomorrow as part of the StudyGlobal Fair.

Key speakers from universities in Australia, Malaysia and the United Kingdom will hold presentations on specific career pathways. The careers covered are diverse and relevant to areas where Brunei needs the expertise.

The talks will be held at The Empire Hotel Conference Room from 2pm to 5pm. Students can call HRDS on 2452245 for information.

Students often choose a programme based on recommendations from family or friends rather than map out a career path that reflects their academic strengths, their personal attributes as well as potential job opportunities. Choosing an unsuitable course can lead to dire consequences.

Students also need to be aware of possible skill gaps needed in three to four years’ time when they will be graduating, and also need to ensure that they choose a career pathway/study programme that has global application and is sustainable.