Capturing precious moments

Syazwani Hj Rosli

Looking back to 2018, Md Waliyuddin also known as Alip did not expect to work with his wife, Siti Nurul Nuramalina.

After the birth of the couple’s third child, he established his baby photography service ‘alip_photography’ with his wife at the end of 2018.

Working as a full-time teacher, photography was just a hobby at first. Entirely self-taught, he started off as a wedding photographer but later joined some photography workshops to enhance his skills. Amal is a stay-at-home mom, taking care of their three kids aged four, three and one. But since they started the business, she has been assisting her husband in every photo session.

“I do all the baby work before photo sessions begin. I do baby wrapping, setups, baby posing and positioning and more. I actually majored in Business for my degree, so I also handle marketing, our clients and parents. As time went by, it became my passion,” she said.

“After our third child was born, we took a photo with props and all for fun and uploaded the photo on Instagram to share the news with our family and relatives. We immediately received a request for newborn photography session from our first ever client. We thought that would be our first and last session but since then we received more requests,” the couple shared.

The couple adds props to the photo session. PHOTO: RAHWANI ZAHARI

In the early stages of their business, many approached them encouraging them with positive feedback. “We have a lot of requests particularly for newborn photography. As a mother myself, newborn days are so precious and I find it important to capture all of the sweet details while they are still little,” she explained.

To have a productive photo session with newborns, there are several considerations to ensure a happy baby throughout the session, according to the couple.

“We always shoot at our clients’ homes. The first thing we tell them is to keep the shooting room warm – really warm. We often bring our portable heater if the room is not warm enough. Also, white noise does wonders in keeping babies asleep. I often use soothing sounds from my phone. I would just tuck my phone in the blanket we are shooting on and it would keep them happy and snoozing!” said Amal.

The couple also prefers babies in deep sleep because it makes their job easier safer. “We do shoot when a baby is awake at times. We can get beautiful shots with their eyes open. Wide awake shots are always a hit with the parents especially when we capture them smiling,” Alip explained. To come up with creative ideas, Amal often engages and befriends photographers of newborns from other countries.

“They have been really helpful with giving new perspective, knowledge and ideas,” she added. As for their upcoming plans, the duo is saving up to attend a newborn photography mentoring and workshop outside Brunei. “It is our dream to be certified in newborn photography.”