Capital needs more rubbish bins

I would like to raise my concerns on the lack of rubbish bins in the capital.

Whenever I am in Bandar Seri Begawan, I have trouble finding a rubbish bin.

The lack of rubbish bins is the reason I believe that people throw their trash into nearby river and drains. As a resident of the capital I would like to see it clean from any rubbish.

Can the authorities provide more rubbish bins in the capital?

Perhaps they can also organise cleaning campaigns as well, to keep it rubbish free?

It is a shame to see the capital littered with rubbish since tourists visit it as part of their itinerary.

Meanwhile, I believe the water taxis drivers or residents should also provide small rubbish bins, as part of their own initiative in their areas to help encourage the public and residents to avoid dumping trash in the Brunei River.

Pemuda Brunei

The writer believes that the lack of rubbish bins in the capital is why people throw trash into river or drains