Canine problem at STKRJ Kg Tanah Jambu

WHEN I first moved into STKRJ Kampong Tanah Jambu, it was peaceful with children out and about playing, and people jogging and cycling.

As time passed, we saw a dog strolling around.

We assumed that the dog must be lost and came from a different area.

It did not bother anyone.

However, there have been an increase in the number of dogs.

Garbage bins were ransacked and people are now scared to go out with dogs roaming around and hiding under vehicles.

Recently, my family heard dogs barking in our backyard.

We were sure that the fence was closed but when we checked we found three dogs which managed to enter our backyard and mauling a small cat.

We chased the dogs away but they came back after a while.

The problem has gotten worse as they have gone from just being a nuisance to becoming a danger.

There is no guarantee that children playing outside would not be a victim of dog attacks.

I hope the authorities can take action and at least impound these stray dogs away from the housing area.

– Concerned Resident