Campaign promotes preventive measures against bullying

|     Fizah HAB     |

HEALTH Promotion Centre, Ministry of Health (MoH), and Department of Schools held a ‘Bully-Free Campaign’ session at the Tutong Sixth Form Centre yesterday to promote preventive measures against bullying.

A total of 43 teachers, parents and students from various primary and secondary schools in Tutong District participated.

The one-day session aimed to create a platform for idea-and-information-sharing on bullying and identify issues as well as preventative measures. The ideas from the campaign will be implemented in different schools.

The event also saw Bully-Free Campaign Co-chairperson Psychologist Officer at the Health Promotion Centre Nor Syahmun binti Matassan presenting certificates of participation to the attendees.

According to the ‘The Global School-Based Health Survey (GSHS 2014)’ conducted by the MoH through the Health Promotion Centre, among 2,599 students aged 13-17 from government and private schools throughout Brunei, teenagers are involved in some aspects of life-threatening and risky behaviours including bullying.

The findings also showed that 21.1 per cent of teenagers have been bullied once or more.

During the Bully-Free Campaign session. – FIZAH HAB