Camila Cabello’s tears for Jesy Nelson

BANG! News – Camila Cabello cried for Jesy Nelson while watching her documentary about online trolls.

The 22-year-old star recently watched Jesy Nelson: Odd One Out on BBC One and admitted it left her emotional as she has been through a similar situation.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper’s Dan Wootton, she said, “I teared up – that made such a big impression on me.

“Not to that point but I definitely felt the depths of struggling, and when I heard that, I just really felt what she was saying. I felt her pain, and for somebody to rise out of that place takes so much strength.”

Jesy, 28, revealed in the documentary that she attempted suicide due to online trolling and Camila revealed she limited her own social media use after receiving abuse while competing on The X Factor USA.

She said, “I don’t go on Twitter at all. Twitter is terrible. I’m mostly on Instagram because I want to interact with my fans. But I just felt an hour ago, ‘Eurgh, I wanna delete this app’.

“You get sucked back into it again and it takes you away from real life. That’s the least of the worst scenarios.

“The worst of the scenarios is when something happens like Jesy where you’re reading all of this hate mail from people and it’s impossible for it not to take a toll on you.

“It messes with your head so much. I think it’s so important for people to be aware of that.”