Cameroonian’s appeal dismissed

|     Fadley Faisal     |

A CAMEROONIAN man’s application against convictions over running a brothel and human smuggling was dismissed by the Court of Appeal recently.

Earlier, the High Court sentenced Francis Viban Bayong and his Filipina wife for human smuggling and involvement in prostitution activities. The duo’s crimes were uncovered when two Filipinas were arrested for not possessing passports on March 19, 2014 during an immigration raid.

Bayong contested the evidence presented by the prosecution in the High Court before Court of Appeal Justices John Barry Mortimer, David John Leonard and Michael Peter Burrell.

The appellate court said that Bayong did not bring the findings of fact leading to the conviction by the trial judge.

“An appellant would need to show that the judge’s findings were plainly wrong,” the Justices affirmed.

“The evidence against the appellant was overwhelming and there is no ground for setting aside the convictions,” the Justices decided.

The Public Prosecutor was represented by DPPs Karen Tan and Nurjauinah Haji Kula as respondents. Both defendants were unrepresented.