Call to renew PUJA membership

Brunei Institution of Surveyors, Engineers and Architects (PUJA) is calling on its members to renew their membership.

PUJA requests all members to submit (upload) their individual Continuous Professional Development (CPD) records through the CPD record in the PUJA Journal website

Their compliance to meet 25 points every year is part of the renewal requirement. Both the membership renewal and CPD points are significant for the sustainability of the institution and to ensure the professional knowledge among all members are maintained.

To ease the renewal and CPD record process, PUJA has adopted a fully automated online system enabling members to pay their renewals online. To do so, click Payment or visit PUJA (B) Treasurer Hajah Hajijah binti Haji Salleh.

Although payments for admission fees and annual subscription fees can be made at the office of the new treasurer, members are encouraged to make payment online or a direct deposit to PUJA’s (Brunei) bank account.