Call to make customs clearance processes more uniform

I echo the sentiments shared by Stevia-Deprived on ‘Permit confusion over online shopping’, published in the Bulletin on June 12, who pointed out the inconsistencies with regards to customs clearance processes.

I would like to also question the practice of detaining an entire parcel due to one article that requires a permit.

Just like the writer, I shop for a variety of items online before consolidating them into one package. Recently, I bought shoes and clothing along with some diabetic-friendly food stuff. Due to one item (a supplement), the entire package was held back by the customs.

What is disappointing is that I had paid for expedited shipping, which should have taken just one week to arrive. Instead, the irregularities in the customs’ processes delayed the delivery by close to a month.

I urge the authorities to look into such irregularities in the customs clearance processes to ensure that us online shoppers have a smoother experience.

Shopaholic Anonymous