Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Call to improve public toilets at shopping malls

I read with interest a recent opinion from Worried Mum on ‘Concern over unhygienic toilets at public school’. I agree that school toilets must be kept clean. In fact, all public toilets should always be clean and provided with soap and paper towels.

I remember visiting a major shopping mall that lacked the most basic necessity – a hand soap, which is essential for cleaning hands after using the toilet. I visit this mall at least once a month, but to my dismay, this issue of unavailable hand soap persists. It irks me every time I use the toilets in this mall, only to find no hand soap available.

Since COVID-19, the Ministry of Health has reminded everyone to keep their hands clean to avoid getting sick.

I think a management as big as theirs should hire a cleaning company to take care of these things. If they don’t, they should at least include it in their hygiene protocol to provide soap in every washroom.

Additionally, some of their toilet seats and covers need changing and maintenance. The public frequent this place daily. The least they can do is ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness.

Irked dad