Call to be mindful during Ramadhan

With the easing of the COVID-19 measures in the country, we are finally able to enjoy the ever-popular dinner buffet.

However, now that Ramadhan is just around the corner, I am bracing for a spike in food wastage at restaurants that offer break-the-fast feasts, with people grabbing more food than they can handle.

I applaud some eateries for setting up restrictions to prevent their customers from wasting food, such as getting them to pay extra for every 100 grammes left on the plate.

Nonetheless, I wish it was more widely practised to keep diners mindful of their capacity instead of building a mountain with the assortment of dishes on offer.

Same goes for parking. Every year, there seems to be a number of people who would use the holy month as an excuse to ignore traffic rules and regulations by double parking, thus blocking other cars.

As a Muslim, I understand the urge to find a parking spot as quickly as possible to make it for Azan. However, it poses inconvenience to those who may urgently need to leave the premises.

Grumpy Dad