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Call to address food waste during Ramadhan

The issue of overbuying food must be addressed, especially during Ramadhan, said Legislative Council member and Co-founder of Green Brunei Yang Berhormat Khairunnisa binti Haji Ash’ari recently.

She also said that prevention is possible through cultivating better habits in our daily lives.

“In 2019, approximately 32 per cent of waste generated in our landfill consisted of food waste. When it decomposes on its own, it will emit greenhouse gases, which in turn contribute to climate change effects. The tendency of overbuying food has contributed to this issue, especially during Ramadhan. This can be reduced or prevented by implementing better habits in our lifestyle,” she said.

She said this as the guest of honour of a virtual talk titled ‘Eco-Ramadhan: Love Food,
Hate Waste’, organised by Green Brunei in collaboration with Kilang Reroot, aimed at promoting awareness on food waste, its negative environmental impacts, and ways of reducing it.

Kilang ReRoot representative Hazirah Zainuddin discussed the food waste issue, including general information, the cycle of food, and exploring the causes of food waste. She also included articles that highlighted the issue in other countries.

Aside from environmental implications, the virtual talk went in depth about food waste reduction through practising mindfulness, habit reformation, and self-reflection.

The participants also discussed composting and the role of food banks.

The session began with the recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah, led by Mohamad Mu’iz Wafiy bin Mohamdih.

Participants during the ‘Eco-Ramadhan: Love Food, Hate Waste’ talk. PHOTO: GREEN BRUNEI