Call on public support in combatting illicit trade

Azlan Othman

Yesterday’s Friday sermon spoke out against smuggling, describing it as negatively impacting the domestic business industry and reducing the country’s revenue income.

“Smuggling activities are perpetrated to evade customs taxes and avoid getting a permit for controlled goods,” said Imams while delivering the sermon.

“Smuggling is not limited to prohibited goods, but it also occurs on subsidised government goods. Therefore, as the people of this country, we must always take advantage of the government subsidies to ease the people.

“As citizens and permanent residents of this country, let us all work together and assist the government to control the smuggling of illegal goods such as liquor, cigarettes and dubious Halal meat by giving information to the Royal Customs Excise Department.

“The Royal Customs and Excise Department is among the government security agencies responsible for eradicating and preventing cross-border smuggling.

“In Brunei Darussalam, International Customs Day is celebrated annually on January 26, and this year’s theme is ‘Mendukung Pemulihan, Pembaharuan dan Ketidaklenturan Bagi Rangkaian Bekalan Yang Mampan’. (Supports Recovery, Renewal and Flexibility for Sustainable Supply Chain).

“Among the duties and responsibilities of the Royal Customs and Excise Department is to maintain the country’s peace and prosperity by controlling the land borders and monitoring the entry of goods delivered into the country by air, water and land.

“This aims to ensure that the goods delivered into or out the country have permits and are safe for our community.

“We are responsible for preserving subsidised goods provided by the government such as gasoline and rice.

“If the smuggling issue is not curbed or given civic awareness among the community, then it will harm the prosperity, safety and socio-economic stability of our country.

“Therefore, in conjunction with International Customs Day on January 26, let us stand in obtaining decency and goodwill.

“May our country be free of crime and remain peaceful under the protection and constant blessings of Allah the Almighty.”