Call for tighter measures for high-traffic businesses

With the upward trend in the number of new COVID-19 cases, it is laudable that the authorities have mandated the use of face mask – and even recommend double masking – to stop the spread of the infection.

My concern is with those holding customer-facing jobs, such as cashiers and runners, who are seen donning cloth masks. They interact with a high volume of people on a daily basis. What if they cough or sneeze? With a single cloth mask, there is not much in the way of protection for customers.

There is, thus, a need to introduce a tighter measure for these individuals. Perhaps a mandate to either double-mask or use a single N95 mask along with a face shield.

I believe it is also high time to implement quality control in shops and eateries to ensure these establishments adhere to the health directives. Are the employees double-masking at all times? Are the premises being sanitised on a regular basis? The assessment should be carried out once a month, and the results displayed at the entrances.

I hope more protective measures would lead to a reduction in new cases.