Call for stricter measures on processed foods

The most worrying trend I see on the supermarket shelf is the assortment of high-sugar food items laced with preservatives and other harmful ingredients, which may trigger metabolic syndrome, cause obesity and other adverse health effects in the long run.

While I applaud the authorities for holding awareness campaigns to promote healthy living, we are a generation that is quite dependent on processed food.

Often, the harmful ingredients in products are obstructed by messages on the packaging that promise more than they can deliver – low fat, high protein and the works. As consumers, we buy into these marketing lies as most of us are not well-versed with chemical names to know what’s what.

As such, it is high time for the authorities to consider implementing stricter measures, especially on processed foods.

Perhaps a good place to start is comprehensive testing on processed food and drink items, and those that have long-term adverse health effects would be remove from the shelf.

With chronic diseases on the increase, the healthcare cost would only become dearer, a burden that largely rests on the authorities’ shoulders. We need to nip the problem in the bud now before the young generation starts falling ill as a result of our inaction.