Call for separate rooms for males and females at fitness centres

IT HAS been apparent that the relevant authorities have been slacking in enforcing the Malay Islamic Monarchy (MIB) concept at fitness centres.

Male and female gym goers can be found exercising together in the same room.

Ideally, two separate rooms should be provided with different entrances as the outfits worn are mainly for comfort and can be revealing.

These fitness centres are not at fault as they are only doing their part in providing healthy lifestyle for the country.

It is the authorities’ duty to monitor and regulate such noble endeavour in making sure the country’s ideology firmly upheld.

I have one issue though with these fitness centres.

The background music is normally very loud and the deafening sounds are hardly stopped during azan.

Hopefully the fitness centres can at least pause for about five minutes for a ‘water break’ and give way to the beautiful call for prayer.

May your business flourish with barakah.

– Bootcamp Lover