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Call for second look at hotel quarantine system

Fully-vaccinated travellers in countries such as Singapore and Australia are now able to isolate at home.

In some states in Australia, fully-vaccinated travellers are released from home isolation within 24 hours of arrival, if they present a negative antigen rapid test (ART).

In the United Kingdom (UK), fully-vaccinated travellers no longer need to isolate.

Research around the world has highlighted the many flaws within the hotel quarantine system, with hotels not built to house people that may have a contagious virus.With the arrival of the highly transmissible Omicron strain, hotel quarantine has become a riskier environment, and many countries have now abandoned the system and replaced it with home isolation, which is deemed a safer option.

As detailed from a number of cases in other countries, the Omicron variant has been able to escape the hotel quarantine environment.

The authorities have made some progressive changes as a result of the changing face of the virus, yet the hotel isolation system has seen little change.

As a fully-vaccinated teacher with a family, travelling to see loved ones has become a costly expense.

In line with the recent changes that have been made to the pandemic measures, such as that COVID-positive people can now quarantine at home, and that local cases now outweigh the number of imported cases, I would like to ask the authorities when we will see changes to the hotel quarantine system, whereby fully-vaccinated returned travellers, with suitable accommodation and a negative PCR test on arrival, will be able to self-isolate in their own home?

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