Call for probe into BruHealth glitches

I would like to applaud the authorities for doing the best they can in stemming the tide of COVID-19. These are trying times, and contact tracing is a must to ensure that the spread of the virus does not get out of control.

However, I am rather appalled by the glitches on the BruHealth app that both my friends and I have experienced as of late. Just yesterday, I was out grocery shopping with my wife at a supermarket when my code turned yellow. It had been green when I scanned in, and it wasn’t when I was about to press the ‘Leave’ button on the way out.

Confused and not yet alarmed, we proceeded to the next shop. It was then that my code turned red. I quickly returned to my car for the fear of getting into trouble with the law. I wasn’t sure how I could go from green to yellow and now red in the span of an hour. I knew it was a glitch and decided to restart my phone to see if the situation improved. Thankfully it did, and I have remained green ever since.

Had it been an isolated case, it wouldn’t have warranted my writing this letter. A few of my friends have been experiencing similar glitches, and on everyone’s mind is the question of what happens should our app glitch at an inopportune time such as a police roadblock or an impromptu check.

Despite being a senior citizen, I am fully behind the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Even a decade ago, I could only dream of the kind of technology that allows me to stay connected with my children and grandchildren in spite of the restrictive measures.

However, while human errors are known to happen, thus our growing dependence on computer, technology is not impervious either. And my experience with the BruHealth app is testament to that fact.

I hope the authorities could come up with a backup plan should these glitches reach more people in the near future.

Wary Grandpa