Call for penalty for jab appointment evaders

As a person who has been vaccinated, I was surprised to see yesterday’s news article, ‘Over 2,000 missed COVID vaccination appointments’, in the Bulletin.

What bothers me the most about the statistics is how many irresponsible people are out there. We have a government that is trying to get the COVID-19 situation under control and all they are asking for is for the citizens and residents to do their part in ending the pandemic.

Booking for a slot without following through with it is denying other people the chance to be inoculated. These slots are limited; if they are not going to turn up, don’t book it in the first place.

It reminds me of a friend working as a human resource officer at a local company, who regularly rants about job seekers not turning up for interviews.

All it takes is a brief phone call to the company to inform them that they have a more pending engagement elsewhere.

These people are wasting precious time and public resources that could have gone to those who support the country’s aspiration to reach herd immunity.

I hope that the authorities could introduce some kind of penalty for those who evade the appointment. After all, we are living in an unprecedented time.

For things to get back to how it used to be requires concerted efforts from the populace, which includes getting the jab to help us reach herd immunity.

It cannot be accomplished if there are a portion of people who fail to grasp the gravity of the situation.

Inoculated Joe