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Call for incentive in green push

I would like to applaud a number of car dealerships for bringing in electrical vehicles (EV) amid the push for a green future.

It is not surprising that at the moment, the price of an EV is higher than that of an internal combustion engine (ICE) car. As a matter of fact, it is almost double the price of a traditional vehicle.

The reluctance of some dealerships to add EV to their line-ups is perfectly understandable. A small-sized EV would cost the same as a medium-sized ICE car, which can turn quite a number of potential customers off.

It is high time for the authorities to consider an incentive programme to encourage the public to take up EV, such as a discount on electricity for the owners.

It is important to change the public perception regarding EV, because at present, most people are looking at the cost of owning one, instead of how much cheaper it is to maintain it in the long run.

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