Call for end to premature celebration

As a citizen, I’m proud of the authorities for working hard to stem the tide of COVID-19, especially since the resurgence of local transmissions in August.

It’s just a matter of time before we move on to the Endemic Phase and the economy can finally be on the path of recovery.

It has been less than a week into the Transition Phase and I’ve already observed a few instances that leave me concerned about the possible new surge in cases.

Take for example, Pasar Jerudong. I’m now seeing more people selling everything under the sun around the vendors that have rented the stalls.

There is a reason for limiting capacity in premises – to avoid overcrowding. Visitors turn a blind eye on the lack of compliance to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) because they are too happy that things are finally going back to normal to care about the blatant ignorance of health directives.

Same goes for popular beaches. People are flocking to these spots to get the much-needed relief from months-long restrictive measures. I completely understand the enthusiasm, but I am worried about the repercussion of celebrating too early and abandoning the discipline required to propel us to the next phase of the recovery roadmap.

I hope what I have seen is merely a very tiny portion of the populace, and that most people have enough sense to understand the enormity of the situation.

We all want life to return to normal, and like the authorities have repeatedly reminded us – it takes the cooperation of all to make it through this crisis.

Peanut Man