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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
25 C
Brunei Town

Call for end to bulk-buying of vitamins, medicine

Since the Sultanate entered the third wave of COVID-19, with the number of new cases in four figures in recent week, the populace has been in panic mode, buying food and other essentials in case more restrictive measures return. Same goes for vitamins and other supplements.

While it is good to see more people taking their health more seriously, there is an illogical element to their method that I would like to highlight in this letter.

When a message goes viral for a certain supplement, it is safe to say the store shelf dedicated to the product will be wiped clean within a short period. One example is a topical ointment that I use for my child when he is feeling under the weather. Since a viral message came out that claimed to protect one from COVID-19, I’ve been struggling to obtain a bottle for my child.

There is an urge in each of us to do whatever we can for our health as well as our family’s.
But to feel the need to clear the shelf of a certain product because of an unverified message is beyond my comprehension.

We are not talking about questionable products from questionable manufacturers; we are talking about products that have been used by a great majority of us for decades. These hoarders need to take a breather and think before giving in to the temptation of bulk-buying essential supplements and remedies, thus depriving others of these items.

We are in this pandemic fight together. While it is important to supplement our diet with key vitamins, there are others who need them to maintain their health too.

I hope these bulk-buyers would learn to be more rational consumers and resist the urge to clear out the stock before noon.

Miss Frustrated


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