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Call for electronic bulletin boards on highways amid road safety push

I would like to call on the authorities to consider installing electronic bulletin boards at major roads, such as the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah highway, to inform motorists of alternative routes in the event of an accident or road repair works.

I believe it is high time for the Sultanate to have these signboards, which are extremely useful during peak hours.

As most road users could attest, whenever a vehicle breaks down on the road, it will most certainly lead to traffic congestion due to certain drivers slowing down and checking out the scene.

I was recently stuck in the morning rush hour due to a car having broken down a distance ahead.

While it was heart-warming to later learn that a number of motorists pulled over to aid the driver, the rest was driving at a snail pace in order to see who the driver was or what car he was driving.

Maybe having electronic bulletin boards at a key spots along highways, especially during rush hours, would better inform motorists of what’s ahead and offer them time to find an alternative route to avoid getting stuck in a traffic jam for hours on end.

With the authorities pushing hard on road safety, these boards could even post advisory during unpredictable weather conditions to remind motorists to stay alert and refrain from speeding.

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A road sign flashes a hurricane warning on the eve of landfall by Hurricane Henri in Valley Stream, New York in this August 2021 file photo. PHOTO: AFP
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