Café opens doors to public

Azlan Othman

E’Trigue Cafe and Lounge was launched at luxury Rimbun Suites and Residences Brunei in Jalan Ong Sum Ping near the capital yesterday.

The launch was attended by officers from government and private sectors. E’Trigue Cafe and Lounge is owned by Andrew Jong who is also the manager. It offers western, Chinese and Malay cuisines for breakfast for in-house guests.

They also provide outdoor catering. Assistant Resident Manager of Rimbun Lucy Ngien said E’Trigue started its operation in December 2019 but only offered its service to in-house guests staying at Rimbun apartment then.

However, with yesterday’s launch, it is now open to the public. Rimbun Suites and Residences started its operation nine years ago. Rimbun Suites and Residences with its 72 three-bedroom service apartment comes with a complimentary breakfast vouchers at E’trigue cafe worth BND20

per apartment. Resident Manager of Rimbun Suites and Residences H Kumar Rimbun presented lucky draw prizes to 14 guests at the launch.

The event ended with a showing of their facilities and apartments led by Lucy Ngien.

Guests at the launching of E’Trigue Cafe and Lounge, Jalan Ong Sum Ping. PHOTO: YUSRIN JUNAIDI