Busy times for Teraja Longhouse Committee

Daniel Lim

The Teraja Longhouse Committee has been actively conducting a host of activities to promote the tourism potential of Wasai Teraja and its surroundings, allowing visitors to explore the area in a safe manner.

Recently, committee members assisted a group of 14 Brunei hikers explore the dense and lush jungle in the surrounding areas of Teraja.

Led by Shukri Zain and Kampong Teraja Labi Longhouse Committee Secretary Gaung Jamit, the trip aimed to promote hiking as a healthy activity, while at the same time highlighting the area as one of the tourist attractions in the Belait District.

The 3.3km long scenic trail took the group up to the peak of Bukit Teraja. The group also visited Wasai Teraja as well as Luagan Lalak Forest Recreation Park.

Another activity conducted by the Kampong Teraja Labi Longhouse Committee is the construction of a hut along the Wasai Teraja trail, with the assistance from the Belait District Office. The hut provides hikers a resting spot before pressing ahead with their adventure.

The committee has also started renovation works on a Kampong Teraja house that will be converted to a Handicraft and Information Centre, as well as a home-stay.

Kampong Teraja Longhouse Chairman Burong Nyanggau and Deputy Chairman Kamarau Jamit led committee members in the renovation work.

The hikers during the trip to Teraja. PHOTO: TERAJA LONGHOUSE AJK