Busy times for N-Watch groups, police

Izah Azahari

A number of villages recently mobilised their Neighbourhood Watch members to work alongside the police.

Seria saw an operation, led by Seria Police Station Officer-in-Charge ASP Syed Afidzul Azeez bin Sheikh Haji Abu Bakar, with the team patrolling Barek Lorong 3 Selatan Seria, the STKRJ Lorong 3 Seria residential area, RPN Lorong Tengah, PSN Lorong 3 Selatan Seria Primary School and the Pekan Seria shop.

The Bangar Police Station’s crime prevention patrol in Temburong was led by Probationary Inspector Mohd Nazri bin Haji Junaidi and Kampong Lepong Acting Village Head cum Neighbourhood Watch Chairman Ambol anak Baki.

The patrol targetted Kampong Lepong Baru, Kampong Lepong Lama, Kampong Semabat, Kampong Kenua, Temada Police Control Post, Kampong Semabat Community Hall and Rumah Bahagia in Kampong Semabat.

No suspicious activities were detected.

Meanwhile, the initiative in Muara was carried out by the Neighbourhood Watch Unit of the Muara Police Station.

Muara Police Station Officer-in-Charge ASP Hajah Nur Azhani binti Haji Johaiani led the team to the residence of Kampong Batu Marang Village Head Haji Maidin bin Tarip to discuss activities and exchange information on crime.

Tutong Police Station Officer-in-Charge Inspector Muhd Haiqal bin Abdullah Raman led the Neighbourhood Watch Unit for the meet with Kampong Bukit Udal Acting Village Head Mohd Azmi bin Md Yusof to discuss common issues faced by villagers as well as share crime statistics.

A discussion in progress. PHOTO: RBPF