Busy schedule for self-assessment workshop participants

Some 30 participants from six public sector departments completed their 6th Self-Assessment Workshop for Public Sector Performance Grading Programme (3PSA) through Star Rating at the Civil Service Institute (IPA).

The workshop, which concluded yesterday, was conducted by the Management Services Department (MSD) of the Prime Minister’s Office.

According to a press release, participants learnt the concepts and methods of conducting 3PSA, which would enable them to perform self-assessment at their departments. Through this, improvements can be made, preparing the departments for MSD’s formal assessment.

The five-day workshop included briefings on 3PSA concept and its four assessment scopes: strategy and implementation; policy and implementation; human resources; and customer care. It also included several group exercises involving techniques of completing 3PSA’s Checksheet, preparing reports and other 3PSA forms.

3PSA is a grading system intended to provide recognition to the ministries and government agencies that have put efforts towards increasing the efficiency, effectiveness, performance, productivity and quality of their service delivery. It will assess and evaluate performance of government agencies towards excellent public service delivery, and help in promoting fair competition among government agencies in organisational management practices, as well as raising awareness on the importance of improving performance, quality and productivity among civil servants.

3PSA provides a platform for extensive promotion on policies, strategies, mechanisms and best practices that can be used as a benchmark in the civil service and performance management that brought success to the organisation.

Participants in a group photo. PHOTO: MSD