Business visits go up with Taiwan direct flights

|     James Kon     |

WITH the start of the thrice weekly direct flight from Brunei Darussalam to Taiwan last December, there has been an increase in number of business delegations visiting Brunei Darussalam.

Taiwan Business Association of Brunei Darussalam in recent months has received and hosted more business delegations from Taiwan.

The increase in Taiwan businessmen visiting Brunei Darussalam to explore business opportunities was underscored by Taiwan Business Association of Brunei Darussalam President Richard Chuang Hsi Shan at the association’s Chinese New Year celebration at a Chinese restaurant in Gadong.

“With an increasing number of visits, the Taiwan Business Association of Brunei Darussalam can play a vital role in promoting Brunei Darussalam,” he said.

Richard also hopes that the association can attract more members and grow to be a greater association.

The Yee Sang toss. – PHOTOS: JAMES KON
Taiwan Business Association of Brunei Darussalam President Richard Chuang Hsi Shan receives a memento from Lin Kai Min

He conveyed his festive greetings to the guests and association members.

Representative of the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office in Brunei Darussalam William Lin said, “This year’s Chinese New year celebration marks the achievement of the beginning of direct flights from Brunei Darussalam to Taiwan.

He added that Royal Brunei Airlines had announced that effective June 23 this year, it will add another day to the direct flight schedule to have four weekly flights.

“I hope more Bruneians will take the opportunity to fly to Taiwan to see and experience Taiwan.”

“Last year was my first time celebrating Chinese New Year in Brunei Darussalam and experience the Yee Sang toss. It was really a heart-warming feeling to celebrate Chinese New Year with members of the association,” he added.

The highlight of the reception was the presentation of a memento from Lin Yong Chang of the Malaysia’s Federation of the Taiwan Merchant Association, presented on his behalf by Lin Kai Min (from the association that is visiting Brunei).

Lin Kai Min is also seeking nomination to take up the post of supervisor of the Asia Taiwan Chambers of Commerce during the July election.

Lin was accompanied at the reception by Taipei’s Investors’ Association in Malaysia official Yeh Tsung Hsin.

Seventeen students from three Taiwan universities here for work attachments also attended.

Guests enjoyed dinner and took home lucky draw gifts.