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Friday, December 1, 2023
28 C
Brunei Town

Bus operators, travellers welcome CaP changes

Izah Azahari

Local bus operators and travellers lauded changes to the recent change to the service charge to exit and enter the country’s land borders.

The service charge, or CaP, will be changed from per-person to per-vehicle starting on December 12, depending on the number of passengers.

Vehicles carrying more than 25 persons will be charged BND10 per exit or entry.

Local bus operator Hajah Siti Rugayah binti Haji Dagang expressed gratitude and excitement to hear the news.

“Alhamdulillah, most of the customers using our bus services will feel happy because they can reduce the cost of travel.

“By only charging for each vehicle, we can reduce the cost we had to pay, compared to earlier,” she said.

Another bus operator who often brings groups to Kuching in Sarawak Haji Ibrahim bin Haji Ratu also shared the same sentiment.

A group of Bruneians who travelled by bus in Kuching. PHOTO: AK ZAKI KASHARAN

“We feel very grateful for the reduction of the value of this expenditure. Before the change, if we rented a bus with 40 people, we had to pay the exit-and-entry system BND240 to go out and come in,” he shared.

He added that going to Kuching with a bus costs about BND600 per day.

Since the restrictions on movement due to COVID-19 have been relaxed, the number of people in this country wishing to make cross-border trips by bus has increased.

Traveller Hajah Hanafiah Gani who often goes to Miri by bus also lauded the change.

“We have always used the bus to travel to Miri before the COVID-19 pandemic because it is convenient.We do not have to look for parking and do not get tired from driving.

“Using the bus also stops us from worrying about the condition of our car when we are abroad such as fear of break downs, flat tyres or accidents,” she said.

“We are planning to go to Miri at the end of this month again by bus with my family and my siblings’ families to strengthen ties while spending time with each other during the school holidays.”

Another traveller, Azmah Mohammad, said the changes will help allow groups from the lower income bracket to experience a family holiday.


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