Burundi opposition candidate goes to court to challenge vote

NAIROBI, KENYA (AP) — Burundi’s top opposition leader went to the constitutional court on Thursday to challenge the results of this month’s Presidential election, alleging the vote was rigged in favour of the ruling party candidate.

“We’ve seen a lot of irregularities,” Agathon Rwasa told reporters. “There are many examples showing, for example, the stuffing of ballot boxes.”

He said the electoral commission must be held accountable, adding that the electoral roll was never published.

“Not a single district, no single province was spared,” he said. “So the results proclaimed are fake.”

The court has eight days to decide. Rwasa said that if he is not satisfied he will take his argument to the East African Court of Justice based in Arusha, Tanzania.

Main opposition party Presidential candidate Agathon Rwasa speaks to the media after casting his vote in the Presidential election, in Ciri, Ngozi province, Burundi. PHOTO: AP