BSM confirms report of fuel contamination at Jerudong filling station

|     James Kon     |

IN A statement yesterday, Brunei Shell Marketing Company Sdn Bhd (BSM) confirmed that it received a report from Mar’azmala Filling Station in Kampong Jerudong stating that many customers’ vehicles cars were halted alongside the Jerudong-Tutong Highway after filling fuel from the station. Messages and photos regarding the matter also went viral on social media platforms.

It was alleged that the fuel was contaminated with water.

According to BSM, after receiving the report, the station stopped its operations. It will only be reopened upon confirmation that the fuel is free from water contamination. Product quality checks and rectification works are being carried out at the affected station, supported by BSM.

BSM said that investigations were conducted which confirmed that only one station was affected.

The company advised the affected vehicle owners to go directly to the station supervisor of Mar’azmala Filling Station who can also be contacted at 2610772.

For further enquiries, the public may contact BSM Call Centre at 2244739 or WhatsApp at 7172648.