Brunei’s Adib holds composure to beat Thai challenger Posi

|      Fadhil Yunus      |

BRUNEI Darussalam mixed martial arts (MMA) exponent Adib Sulaiman delivered an impressive third-round technical knockout (TKO) victory over Thailand’s Rungrot Posi in the strawweight division of the One Warrior Series 4 in Singapore yesterday.

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialist (BJJ) held his composure and executed a clinical ground and pound finish to secure the victory amid a highly energised performance from his younger opponent.

The Bruneian exponent improved his MMA record to two victories and one defeat following his Singapore heroics.

Adib, who was fighting out of Wolfpack Training Ground, landed a nice right hand as his opponent came charging in the opening stages of the first round. But Posi quickly asserted himself as he controlled the centre of the ring while Adib moved around him.

The duo was fighting with the hopes of earning a lucrative One Championship contract from Richard Franklin. More than 110 world champions have been on the One Championship roster and entry to the organisation represents an opportunity to be a part of elite company.

Brunei’s MMA fighter Adib Sulaiman (R) celebrates following his victory over Thailand’s Rungrot Posi in the strawweight division of the One Warrior Series 4 in Singapore. – WOLFPACK

Posi threw a nice uppercut-overhand hook combinations as Adib stayed out of range from the dangerous Thai exponent. Adib responded with a nice head kick which narrowly missed Posi.

The Thai, who practises judo to a large extent and boasts striking experience, threw arching two punch combinations which suited Adib nicely because he has already shown that he was able to lean back out of range. If the punches come in arched, it gives the opponent a little bit more time to see the punch coming and move the distance.

Posi, fighting out of Bangkok Fight Lab, started swinging big punches wildly and tried to make the connection in the final moments of the first round. To that instant, the 24-year-old was dominant in the exchanges and he managed numerous solid strikes.

Despite the flurry of strikes, Adib was still composed and did not let anything ruffled him, and that could pay dividends in the later round.

But at the moment it was certainly Posi who was forcing the pace. He appeared to gain control after landing big shots.

The Bruneian fighter battled back as he threw a nice uppercut at the start of the second round amid the terror that he would have seen hurtling towards him in the form of Posi’s succession of shots.

Adib pulled off a good right hand but the Thai athlete attempted a double leg takedown. He looked for the head and arm lock but it was on the wrong side of the body. Adib was able to control one of Posi’s legs so he could not get the submission finish cleanly done.

Adib tried to suppress his opponent with ground and pound shots and Posi, with his back on the canvas, faced a difficult circumstance.

The Wolfpack Training Ground representative looked to be in charge in the ground as he punished his opponent with a flurry of punches and got into a position that carried an advantage.

Posi had very little to do to defend his punches as the clock ticked down to the final few seconds of the second round. But the Thai managed to pull out of a tricky situation as a display of strength and use of the ropes enabled him to escape Adib’s punishment.

He was presented with an opportunity to outwit his opponent with a choke but the move was under the chin and not deep enough to cause damage just at the end of the second round. Adib landed a succession of shots and dragged down Posi to the ground before continuing the onslaught with a rear naked choke attempt in the third round.

The Bruneian threw a number of unanswered punches which caused the referee to step in and called a halt to the contest, much to the delight of Adib. He then consoled his beaten opponent in a mark of respect and in the spirit of sportsmanship.