Bruneians usher in New Year with BBQs, family gatherings

|     Azlan Othman     |

WHILE people around the world were ushering in the New Year with a bang, enjoying spectacular fireworks displays and letting off party poppers, Bruneians were winding down 2018 and welcoming the New Year 2019 in their own unique way – celebrating with friends, family and loved ones by holding gatherings and barbecues.

The local revelry generally goes on past midnight on New Year’s Day, January 1. Spending New Year’s Eve at home with family can be a fantastic opportunity to bond, have fun together, and bring in the New Year with your loved ones.

Bruneians also make use of New Year’s Eve to hold religious gatherings and birthday celebrations.

Supermarkets yesterday were inundated with shoppers in a mad rush for chicken, beef and cooking ingredients.

A steady stream of shoppers was seen picking out chicken parts at SKH Supermarket in Kiulap and Hua Ho Supermarket in Gadong.

“The rush (for groceries and food items) has been like this in the past few days, and I have to book items from supermarkets in advance to avoid disappointment, as you’ll get broken chicken parts if you do last minute shopping,” said Hajah Jaiyah, a housewife.

Meanwhile, many people were seen at several banks yesterday getting their road tax renewed and collecting their blue cards, forming long queues.

Public servants and some private sector employees received their annual bonus this week. “I collected my blue card only yesterday as queues at some authorised vehicle inspection sites have been really long in the past few days,” said Haji Rahim, one of the many lining up at the banks.

Shoppers in mad rush for chicken parts on New Year’s Eve. – AZLAN OTHMAN