Brunei Young Leaders Convention 2019 to be held in August

BRUNEI Young Leaders Convention 2019, organised by local youth social entrepreneurs, Perspective Insan Academy, Al-Huffaz Management and Generasi Bekarih will be held again on August 6-8.

The convention aims to unite relevant youth development agencies to play a role in involving the youth such as government, private sectors and community.

The convention also aims to deliver accurate and updated information regarding Brunei Vision 2035 through a whole-of-nation approach as well as provide a platform for the youth to carry out effective and sustainable programmes and projects to achieve the Brunei Vision 2035.

Young leaders, comprising student councils, youth who are active in non-governmental organisations, students who achieve excellence in academic and co-curriculums, graduates and jobseekers, young professionals, youth who achieve excellence in their respective fields, passionate youth who want to contribute and make positive changes, youth who are of special needs and underprivileged as well as youth who are active in entrepreneur-ship are encouraged to register for the convention.

Interested youth may also apply for scholarship to attend the convention by submitting essays to the organisers via the convention’s website.

Registration to attend the convention is still ongoing until July 13.

Registration and application for scholarship can be done through the website