Brunei teams bring home laurels from Miri Lion Dance competition

Daniel Lim

Belait Foochow Association members competed in the cross-generation Lion Dance Championship at the Permaisuri Mall in Miri, Malaysia over the weekend. It was part of efforts to showcase Lion Dance as a sport, rather than merely a cultural activity.

Foochow Head of the Lion Dance team Hui Thung Ping led the 12-men group, which was split into two teams. They competed against 11 other teams.

The Brunei teams, first-timers at the competition, had been nervous before the competition, but were excited to perform. They look forward to joining more competition and to hone their skills.

The Brunei teams secured second and third places, while the Miri Wushu Association came first. Adiel Cheok Yaw Hua from the Brunei team, won best drummer of the competition.

One of the participating teams from Brunei in Miri for the competition. PHOTO: FOOCHOW LION DANCE TEAM