Brunei students in Singapore for twinning programme

|     Azlan Othman     |

THE School Twinning Programme (STP) between Rimba 1 Primary School (SRRI) Cluster 4 and Temasek Primary School (TMPS), Singapore reached its second cycle.

SRR1 is visiting TMPS on July 16–20. The first cycle started in the year 2017, with SRR1 visiting TMPS in Singapore whereby in the following year, SRR1 welcomed TMPS as host.

The delegation from SRR1 was headed by teachers Vivializa binti A Rajak and Hajah Noor Ruyahimah binti Haji Abdul Rahim and 12 students comprising three boys and nine girls from Years 4 and 5.

Class immersions will take place while in Singapore. Students attend normal schooling hours according to the scheduled timetable and participate in several indoors and outdoors activities prepared by TMPS. After schooling hours, students are given the opportunity to visit interesting places in Singapore.

The students in Singapore. – SRRI