Brunei Queen’s Counsel covers latest developments of AI in Arbitration

|     Hakim Hayat     |

BRUNEI Queen’s Counsel (QC) Professor Dr Colin Ong recently gave the opening keynote speech at the 4th China Annual International Arbitration, Regulatory and Competition Law Summit in Shanghai.

Professor Dr Ong, who is also the President of the Arbitration Association Brunei Darussalam, in his keynote speech ahead of 20 other leading international speakers from China covered the latest developments of artificial intelligence (AI) in Arbitration, its impact on the legal profession, judiciaries, big data, evolving business models and how to deal with disruptive technologies.

He spoke on the latest state of the art trends in artificial intelligence and the shift towards more intelligent and independent solutions.

He also spoke on possible impacts that artificial intelligence could have on businesses in countries following both Common law principles and those following Civil law principles.

The annual summit held on March 21 was attended by regulators, heads of international arbitration centres, global law firms, and legal heads from major Chinese and multinational companies.

Professor Dr Colin Ong delivers his opening keynote speech at the 4th China Annual International Arbitration, Regulatory and Competition Law Summit in Shanghai

Professor Dr Ong also delivered a second lecture the following day at a separate event organised by the Shanghai University of Political Science and Law.

The lecture focussed on business opportunities and legal challenges relating to projects by Chinese companies in the 65 countries along the One Belt, One Road initiative.

The emphasis was on energy and construction projects involving heavy infrastructure, utilities, energy, oil and gas industries across the 65 countries on the Belt and Road routes.

Professor Ong shared his experiences as arbitrator and lead counsel in cross-border disputes involving One Belt, One Road projects and explained how different risk allocations in different projects could affect both Chinese state owned entities and regulators of host states of the 65 countries.

He also shared his views as to how banks, contractors, engineers, insurers, operators, and suppliers could improve their current practices, contractual standards and drafting of financing agreements to deal efficiently with new projects on the One Belt, One Road.

The event was attended by representatives from judiciary, ministries, Chinese state owned entities and law firms, international law firms, international auditors, financiers and Chinese law professors focussing on the One Belt, One Road projects.

According to the website of the China Annual Law Summit, Professor Ong is ranked as one of the top 30 arbitration practitioners Worldwide by Expert Guides: Best of the Best 2017 (Arbitration).