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Brunei pilgrims in Arafah for pinnacle of haj

Some 1,000 Bruneian pilgrims were among the two million Muslims from all over the world gathered in Arafah, Saudi Arabia to perform wuquf, the pinnacle of the pilgrimage.

The management of Al-Hijrah Travel and Tours Sdn Bhd told the Sunday Bulletin yesterday that their pilgrims travelled to Arafah, which is about 22 kilometres from the Grand Mosque, on Friday evening at around 9pm and arrived an hour later.

While in Arafah, pilgrims performed prayers and zikir. They also gathered outside their tent for mass supplications.

The Al-Hijrah management also said they moved to Muzdalifah, an open area near Makkah, on Saturday evening before proceeding to perform tawaf, perform sa’ie and ended with tahallul, releasing themselves from the prohibitions of ihram and cutting and trimming of hair.

The Saudi government announced that wuquf was observed yesterday and today is Hari Raya Aidiladha for the residents of Saudi Arabia. – Azlan Othman

Bruneian pilgrims in a group photo at a tent in Arafah, Saudi Arabia. PHOTO: BRUNEI PILGRIMS
Bruneian pilgrims board a bus heading to Arafah. PHOTO: BRUNEI PILGRIMS
ABOVE & BELOW: Pilgrims in a tent at Arafah. PHOTO: BRUNEI PILGRIMS
Haj pilgrims pray at dawn on Mount Arafah in Saudi Arabia during the pinnacle of the journey yesterday. Over 1.5 million Muslims, including Bruneians, gathered to pray in Arafah amid soaring temperatures in the high-point and most gruelling day of the annual haj pilgrimage, one of the five pillars of Islam that must be performed at least once by all Muslims who have the means to do so. PHOTO: AFP