Brunei-Muara litterbugs fined

James Kon & Fadley Faisal

Several individuals recieved compound fines of BND100 each for littering in public areas and one company was fined BND500 for not keeping their premises clean.

Bandar Seri Begawan (BSB) Municipal Department Enforcement Unit personnel fined 14 individuals for violating Chapter 30 Section 12 (1) of the Minor Offences Act for disposing rubbish in public areas around the capital.

The offenders were given a week to settle the fines at the BSB Muncipal Department or will be produced before court.

The Municipal Department reminded the public to not dispose of rubbish in public areas and help maintain cleanliness. Meanwhile, the Enforcement and Licensing Division of the Brunei-Muara District Office issued fines at 10 individuals and a company for violations in the Minor Offences Act, during routine inspection to ensure businesses keep their surroundings clean. The company was additionally ordered to clean up within a week or face prosecution.

If convicted, offenders face additional fines of BND1,000 or a month’s imprisonment for the first offence. Subsequent offences carry a BND3,000 fine and imprisonment for three months.

The District Office stressed the importance of a clean environment to prevent the spread of diseases. Complaints against illegal dumping can be made to E-Darussalam at 123 or email [email protected]