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Brunei haj pilgrims’ return: Imams urge Islamic etiquette

Brunei Haj pilgrims are set to return starting this Monday (24th June), with the first flight arriving from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In the Friday sermon, Imams emphasised the importance of celebrating the return of the pilgrims in a manner consistent with Islamic teachings.

One of the recommended etiquettes upon welcoming the haj pilgrims is for them to stop by the nearest mosque to offer a voluntary prayer before proceeding home. It is also encouraged to greet them warmly with handshakes, embraces, and supplications. However, it was reminded that physical contact should observe Islamic guidelines, maintaining interactions between men with men and women with women, even within the bounds of a mahram relationship to avoid potential misunderstandings and preserve modesty.

Imams also advised that Haj pilgrims enter their homes from the front rather than the back as a mark of respect and proper conduct.

FILES – Brunei haj pilgrims reciting prayers before departure at the Brunei International Airport on 25 May 2024. PHOTO: Rafi Rosli

For families and relatives awaiting their return, it is recommended to prepare a modest feast within their means to celebrate and welcome back their loved ones who have completed the Haj pilgrimage.

Beginning Monday (24th June), four scheduled flights will bring the Brunei haj pilgrims safely home after their journey of devotion. – AZLAN OTHMAN