Brunei film contest announces ‘secret ingredient’

Aziz Idris

The ‘secret ingredient’ for the 96 Hour Brunei Film Blitz competition was announced yesterday.

This year’s ingredient is homage to the creative talent and influence of Al-Marhum His Royal Highness Prince Haji ‘Abdul ‘Azim, said Festival Director Siti Kamaluddin.

The secret ingredient must reference or be indicative of the theme ‘Casting Call’. Casting Call was the most recent feature film Al-Marhum His Royal Highness Prince Haji ‘Abdul ‘Azim was working on prior to his passing.

The 96 Hour Blitz must be submitted on December 22, at 10.30am. It will be evaluated by a panel of judges, comprising Dean of Mahakarya Institute of the Arts Asia Dr Alex Fischer, renowned Indonesian film producer Sheila Timothy and award winning cinematographer from the Philippines Rain Yamson I.

Thirty filmmaking teams are participating in this year’s competition, almost double from last year.

Siti Kamaluddin said, “I am very proud of the achievements of our participants during the Blitz. I am happy to see that more participants have joined and an increase in the number of short films produced this year.”

ABOVE & BELOW: Festival Director Siti Kamaluddin in a group photo with participants; and participants during the programme. PHOTOS: AZIZ IDRIS & ORIGIN

The open category and the Islamic short film winners will receive BND1,500 each, while the 96 Hour Blitz winner will bring home BND2,000.

This year, one filmmaker will stand a chance to win the Jury Award Winner ‘The Prince’s Scholar’, in honour of Al- Marhum His Royal Highness Prince Haji ‘Abdul ‘Azim to study Screen and Media Diploma at Mahakarya Institute of the Arts Asia.

Meanwhile, a three-day Content Creation Training Programme, a collaboration between Mahakarya Institute of the Arts Asia and DARe (Darussalam Enterprise), concluded yesterday.

It promoted the creation of unique and specific digital assets for exhibition on YouTube, Instagram and WhatsApp.

The programme was delivered by Alex Fisher and Devin Edwards who then presented certificates to 46 participants.

Participants from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) worked together with Mahakarya Institute of the Arts Asia students to create brand stories, proof of concepts and videos to monetise their products.