Brunei COVID-19 AirLab gets morale booster

James Kon

Brunei-born international celebrity Wu Chun offered words of encouragement to 50 volunteering medical lab specialists from China, during a recent visit to the Brunei COVID-19 AirLab located at Bridex Hall.

Established to increase the testing capacity of the SARS-CoV-2 virus laboratory, the airlab is a collaboration between the Brunei Government and Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI).

BGI Hong Kong, and Brunei Company Director and Lab Commander Jeremy Cao said in a press statement that they are here for one mission – to assist the Sultanate in fighting against COVID-19.

He said, “We have a team of professionals working hand in hand with the Ministry of Health (MoH). It is a challenging job for all frontliners from China as the lab operates 24/7.

“Personally, I think it is a big risk for anyone to be here. We truly appreciate Wu Chun’s courage and kind gesture in making our wish come true.

Wu Chun gives the AirLab team a thumbs up. PHOTO: JAMES KON

“He dropped by knowing the country is in the middle of an outbreak. Many people would think twice about visiting the airlab, but Wu Chun immediately said ‘yes’ when we requested his support,” Cao concluded.

Meanwhile, Wu Chun said, “I really am grateful and I salute our medical, healthcare and essential workers as well as frontliners who are working tirelessly to contain this outbreak. They are risking their lives for the benefit of others.

“I hope I was able to lift their spirits. We can show them our gratitude by doing our part in the fight.

He urged, “Get vaccinated, follow basic health and safety protocols, and practise a healthy lifestyle by exercising for an immune system boost.”

He also thanked China for its support, particularly for the vaccine donation to the Sultanate.